It’s never fun to start a process and then get surprised.

The quote from Napoleon Hill, ‘plan your work and work your plan’ sounds so simple yet appears to be little practiced in the construction industry. The Thom Rainer statistic that over half of U.S. churches have a set of plans that will never be built due to budget bust reinforces how difficult the planning process is to put into practice.

The NACDB is dedicated to planning our work and working our plan for every church we serve. The initial understanding of what is possible (size building and financial capacity) tends to be the most difficult stage of planning. When bypassed, the result is commonly a $5,000,000 facility with the $3,000,000 ability to fund it.

The NACDB has certified church consultants to guide you and your church through:

  •         The determination of your building size
  •         The determination of your capital campaign potential
  •         The determination of your conventional finance
  •         The determination of your audio/video/lighting and acoustical needs
  •         The determination of your expected costs to build your new ministry facility
  •         The plan of action to get your church from vision to reality

A healthy church always has more vision than financial ability. It is how NACDB guides you through the process of capturing today’s ministry needs (within your budget) and master plans for the completion of your vision, that make the difference.

Don’t be surprised by a process that isn’t defined and proven. Place your trust in NACDB’s proven, nationally recognized team to protect you and your church from the construction statistics and truly enjoy a “no surprises” experience.

The National Association of Church Design Builders (NACDB) is a non profit organization that serves as a resource for the planning, design and construction of churches and church-­related facilities. Our goal is to educate local churches on how to go about designing, building or remodeling their facilities.