We connect like-minded firms by educating and equipping them to serve and provide resources to faith-based markets and customers.


Our vision is to integrate biblical values into the creation of facilities that positively impact the Kingdom of God.


Integrity. Being honest, reliable and dependable in all our dealings with our clients (the local church) as well as with the other members of our association.

Excellence. We are employed by God and He deserves our best in all we do.

Teamwork. TeamNACDB. Every client and every association member is important, needed and valuable.

The National Association of Church Design Builders (NACDB) is a 501(c)(6) not for profit organization. In 2002, five Design/Builders from across the nation came together and founded our organization for two basic purposes:

Help each other become better

“Iron sharpening iron.” All of our members are vetted and board approved, so we feel comfortable working together and recommending members to churches across the nation. We meet throughout the year to fellowship and discuss market trends and best practices. We offer a Certified Church Consultant program to our members to educate them on the building needs of the church. And we continually share information on how to best design and build for today’s church.

Educate the Church

Our members have hundreds of years of collective experience in the church building market, and each member believes that the church building should be built around ministry. Your ministry has a mission, a vision and a purpose that is a unique as your calling – and you should continue to focus on that throughout the building process. The NACDB’s job is to show you the different building methods, best practices, the ways you might be able to save money and connect you to our board approved, vetted members from across the country. We want to help the church navigate the building process.

The National Association of Church Design Builders (NACDB) is a non profit organization that serves as a resource for the planning, design and construction of churches and church-­related facilities. Our goal is to educate local churches on how to go about designing, building or remodeling their facilities.